Amy Rosemondamy_rosemond

Professor of Ecology

Odum School of Ecology
140 E Green St.
University of Georgia
Athens, GA 30602 (CV)
Tel: 706-542-3903
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Phillip Bumpers

Research Coordinator and Phd Studnent

Phillip is the joint research coordinator for the Rosemond lab and the Wenger lab in the River Basin Center here in the Odum School of  Ecology. Phillip received his MS in ecology at the Odum School in Dr. Rosemond’s lab where he studied how nutrient enrichment altered the growth and diet of larval salamanders. Phillip coordinates most research in the lab and is the project manager for the stream warming study at the Coweeta Hydrologic Lab in North Carolina.  Phillip is broadly interested in how global change affects stream ecosystem structure and function with a particular interest in nutrient enrichment, climate change, and urbanization. He is also pursuing a PhD and is co-advised by Dr. Seth Wenger. 


Caitlin Conn

PhD Student, co-advised by Dr. Seth Wenger

I am interested in how human activities, especially management practices, impact freshwater ecosystems and how scientific research can be used to better inform these management practices. My current research aims to quantify the effects of different flow conditions, and thus different management strategies, on the key ecological functions of stream metabolism and nutrient retention. Specifically, I am examining the role primary producers play in determining how ecological functions respond to varying flow conditions.






Carolyn Cummins

PhD Student

Carolyn joined the Rosemond lab in Fall 2017 as part of the Master’s in Ecology program after receiving a B.S. in Biological Sciences from Colorado State University in December 2015. After working in various lab and field settings, Carolyn became interested in how aquatic organisms, especially macroinvertebrates, respond to anthropogenic stressors such as climate change. Her research in the Rosemond lab will examine the effects of stream warming on freshwater ecosystem function with a focus on how litter breakdown rates and macro invertebrate physiology differ across temperature gradients.





Kyle Connelly

MS Student, Co-advised by Dr. Seth Wenger

After earning his B.S. in Wildlife and Fisheries Resources from West Virginia University, Kyle spent two years in the Philippines as a Coastal Resource Management Volunteer for the Peace Corps.  While there, he facilitated the collection of habitat and community data, and helped the local government write a five-year management strategy for their costal communities.  Kyle is most interested in investigating how existing watershed management programs can remain effectual and responsive to changing climate and societal conditions.





Laura Naslund

PhD Student

Laura joined the Rosemond lab in 2019 after graduating from Duke University. There she studied the propagation of aquatic contamination from mountaintop mining-impacted streams to the terrestrial food web through aquatic insect emergence. Currently, Laura is interested in studying the role of consumer and resource phenology in shaping stream food web dynamics and examining how aquatic stressors may alter them





Emily1Emily Johnson

MS Student, co-advised by Dr. Seth Wenger

Emily joined the Rosemond and Wenger labs in 2016 to pursue a Master’s in Conservation Ecology and Sustainable Development after receiving a B.S. in Conservation Biology at Kansas State University. At K-State, she was involved in research that investigated fish and macroinvertebrate community responses to climate change-induced wildfires in the southwestern U.S. Her current research interests are centered on urban watershed management, specifically as it relates to water quality in urban streams. Emily is currently working on a project within Athens-Clark County to examine the influence of urban inputs on the conductivity of local streams and the macroinvertebrate communities within them.




Nate Tomczyk 

Current PhD studnet, Former Research technician 

Nate is the research technician for the stream warming project at the Coweeta Hydrologic Lab. Nate received his MS at the Odum School of Ecology with Dr. Krista Capps where he studied factors controlling the uptake of heavy metals in lotic ecosystems. Nate is interested in stream ecosystem function and how elements move through ecosystems and organisms. 



Undergraduates currently in the lab:

If you would like to consider getting research experience in the lab contact Dr. Rosemond or Phillip Bumpers. 


Kayla Wagner

I am a second-year student at UGA, double majoring in Biology and Ecology. Currently, I am working with Carolyn Cummins on the stream warming project in the Rosemond Lab. I am very interested in evolutionary biology, as well as how changes in an environment can impact an ecosystem.







There are a lot of great former Rosemond lab members. Meet our alums and see what they are doing now.

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