I regularly teach two courses, “Freshwater Ecosystems” and “Concepts and Approaches in Ecosystem Ecology” and also teach special topic courses and mentor graduate and undergraduate students in research. Freshwater Ecosystems is open to undergraduate as well as graduate students and the Ecosystems course is for graduate students. Freshwater Ecosystems is typically offered every fall and Ecosystems is offered in the spring semester and is currently co-taught with Nina Wurzburger and Ford Ballantyne. Both of these courses involve some interesting projects. In Freshwater Ecosystems we conduct a study on a local lake. In addition, students also conduct research projects on local streams. In the Ecosystems course, students also conduct projects on ecosystem functions and focus on concepts of resilience.

I also offer lots of research and internship opportunities for undergraduates in my laboratory, as well as supporting graduate student research. My students and I have a weekly lab meeting, where we discuss new papers as well as our own research findings. Below are syllabi for the two courses.

 Courses I have recently developed and taught:

  •  Freshman Odyssey Seminar (FYOS 1001) (sping and fall 2014) Take Me to the River! The Ecology and Conservation Needs of Aquatic Ecosystems (with Seth Wenger and Scott Connelly in fall 2014); example syllabus.
  •  Senior Seminar in Ecology (ECOL 4950) (spring 2015, with Craig Osenberg); example syllabus.

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